Decoration Processes

Below is some key information about the various decoration methods we use here at MIYO. All online orders containing printing will be put for the decoration method most suited to your garments and artwork - please get in touch to find out more about any of our options.


Embroidery is the process of adding stitches to fabric to create text or an image. This is done using an industrial embroidery machine. Embroidery does incur a one off setup fee to digitise your logo or artwork, this fee is waived for simple text. 

Embroidery cannot be completed on all garments, as thinner materials may not be able to support the weight, our team can advise if you are unsure if embroidery is suitable for your logo and your garments.


Heat transfers are either printed or cut vinyl that are attached to garments using heat and force. Transfers are great for use on a wide vartiety of garments, including thinner materials.

These are commonly used for larger prints, on the back of garments or where embroidery is not suitable. We only use the best quality vinyls to ensure your prints last just as long as the garments! 

Transfers do require the logo as a Vector PDF.


Screen printing is great way to bulk decorate garments. This is done using mesh screens in which we push coloured ink through onto the garment. 

This method of printing is very cost effective when ordering a lot of garments with the same design. There is a small setup fee for the screen creation, however this usually still works out more cost effective than other printing methods. There are design limitations to screen printing, however our team can best advise on if your garments/design is suitable.


Direct to garment printing is exactly that, we have comercial printer that prints ink directly onto the surface of your chosen garment. 

This method does have quite specific use cases as is only suitable for cotton garments, and is best used for complex designs where other methods are not applicable.

DTG prints directly from an image, however we do advise having the origianal vector graphic.


Sublimation is a way of infusing ink into polyester fabric using heat and pressure. Sublimation can only be used on white or light coloured polyester fabrics, which does limit its use case - however, this method does have a very seamless feel as the ink is directly infused into the fabric and is often requested for this reason.

Sublimation does print directly from an image, however we do advise having the original vector graphic.

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